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With blooming flower teas, artisans will take tea leaves and tie them together with cotton thread in order to make an artist blooming flower tea. The flowers are then dried for storage, packaging, and shipping. When you add hot water, the flowers unfold to represent a time-lapse blooming flower!

Blooming flower tea is then added to a small glass teapot. Cover it with boiling water. There in your teapot a beautiful flower begins to bloom. It is like a little ball that comes to life as a blooming flower. The flower will add beauty to any dinner table.

One blooming flower will make ten to fifteen cups. Buy a tea set because the blooms that are chosen for the blooming teas are generally fruity and do not develop a bitter flavor like many others will. They are generally green or white, and are considered the most healthy of all teas.

Buy Blooming Tea Sets

Choose blooming teas whenever you want more than just tea. Choose them when you also want to serve something beautiful. Read more...

Presentation is everything, and preparation makes for a perfect meal. A delicious food choice thrown haphazardly onto a plate is not as enjoyable as a plate that is nicely arranged for beauty. And, the ingredients are important too.

Teas are much better for you and a great alternative to coffee. As an evening beverage, blooming tea is the perfect choice! It contains antioxidants and helps to remove free radicals from your body. It is lower in caffeine than decaffeinated coffee, and has proven to fight off cancer. If you want to relax in the evening with a beverage that will not keep you awake all night, choose the blooms. They offer great taste as well as beauty. You can enjoy them without all of the caffeine jitters.

When you are looking for a great idea for a gift, buy a sets and a lovely assortment of booming teas. If you desire a larger gift, then add some glass teacups, or some loose leaf teas to go with your glass teapot. This is a gift that is appropriate for any occasion for friends or for family of any age.

When planning a tea party, Buy Blooming Tea Sets be sure that you have at least one blooming tea flower per blooming teaset. That will make tea perfect centerpiece, visually stunning, flavorful, healthy delicious teas. The flower blossoms develops into the tasty teas in minutes. The clear glass teapot is the only way to show off your blooming tea. After your teapot is empty, just add more hot water to brew the bloom again.

The best way to enjoy these teas is to buy blooming tea sets and use the clear glass serving set. Glass teapots are perfect for the larger blooming flowers while clear teacups work relatively well for the smaller blooms. You will not need a strainer since the teas are tied together using a cotton string and do not come loose in the teacup and therefore, you will not have stray tea leaves. However, if you buy Blooming Tea Sets with a strainer, then you may brew all loose leaf teas too!

Even if you are not a hot teas fan, blooming teas can also make perfect iced teas. Add the blooming tea flower to a clear picture and brew with hot water. Add cold water after the flower opens and serve in clear glasses over ice. You can sweeten it with all natural Stevia - careful, a little goes a long way. Stevia is 10 times sweeter than sugar. However, the wonderful floral taste may not even need sugar.

Buy blooming flower tea sets and choose blooming teas whenever you want more. Choose them when you also want to serve something beautiful to your friend, family, or guests!

About this item:

Suitable for loose leaf tea or scented tea, tastes and smells fresh & flavorful
Premium features for comfort & convenience, feels good in hand like jade
Exquisite designed , Handcrafted, Good Quality , special green color from unique Longquan Celadon
Well-designed handicrafts, suitable for collection, gifts
Style 1: 6 Tea Cups, 1 Teapot, 1 Fair Cup, 1 Tea filter, 9 PCs included in total
Style 2: 6 Tea Cups, 1 Gaiwan, 1 Fair Cup, 1 Tea filter, 9 PCs included in total


Teapot Size: 3.5 X 5.3 inch, capacity: 9.1 oz; Gaiwan size: 3.3 X 4.1 inch, capacity 6.7 oz; Fair Cup Size: 3.4 X 3.7 inch, capacity 7.1 oz; Cup size: 1.6 X 3.1 inch, capacity 2.4 oz
Materials: Ceramic
Color: White

About Longquan Celadon :

Longquan Celadon is the world’s intangible cultural heritage


Any damage upon the tea set, ship a new one to you
Any quality problem, solve your issues or ship a new one to Chinese Tea Set you
Any doubt about it, please kindly let us know


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